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​Revenue and Operating Expenses breakdown




​Priorities for Investing in Community Facilities

Costings below  for years 2016/17 to 2020/21 are  indicative and subject to detailed feasibility, design and cost analysis prior to separate individual Council decisions. 


Item Indicative Project Cost Indicative Shire Allocation External funding
Harry Riseborough transportable change room $340,000 $230,000 $110,000
Construction of Boya Community Hub including replacement library, and community meeting space at Boya Oval 








Construction of Mundaring Indoor Recreation Facility including four-court stadium (includes grants) $10,250,000 $7,110,000 $3,140,000
Darlington Hall access upgrades  (work required currently under review)$450,000 $450,000 Nil
Glen Forrest Oval - replace toilet block $150,500 $150,500 Nil
Sawyers Valley Oval - replace toilet block $170,000 $170,000 Nil
Broz Park - new toilet block $227,000 $227,000 Nil
Mundaring Tennis Club improve lighting $250,000 $200,000 $50,000
Mundaring Oval upgraded oval lighting $390,000 $260,000 $130,000
Darlington Community Pavilion (carpark and effluent treatment – community built)

Community Build

$150,000  (CFR)  
Lake Leschenaultia caretaker accommodation $160,000 $160,000 (CFR)  


Summary of Capital Projects over 10 years

Item Yr 1 16/17 Yr 2 17/18 Yr 3 18/19 Yr 4 19/20 Yr 5 20/21 Yr 6 21/22 Yr 7 22/23 Yr 8 23/24 Yr 9 24/25 Yr 10 25/26
Harry Riseborough Oval – additional change room facility  X         

Construct Boya Community Hub including replacement library, community meeting space and hall at Boya Oval (Costs offset by income from external grants/property management)


Mundaring Indoor Recreation Facility fourcourt Stadium

Darlington Hall access upgrades  X         
Glen Forrest Oval - replace toilet block          
Sawyers Valley Oval - replace toilet block          
Broz Park – New toilet block    X       
Mundaring Tennis Club improved lighting     X      
Mundaring Oval upgraded oval lighting       X     
Replace Bilgoman Aquatic Centre grandstand        X    
Bilgoman Aquatic Centre - new water play area (seek grant)           

Develop Mundaring Civic Centre including replacement library



Strategic Community Plan

Corporate Business Plan 2016/17 - 2019/20

Long Term Financial Plan 2016/17- ​2025/26


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