Service Proposal

The rates and service levels proposal was created by the Shire of Mundaring Councillors to address concerns from the local community about rate increases.

Following a series of recent workshops, Councillors prioritised areas in which they believe a reduction in services could help achieve lower rates.

The proposal will see the forecast increase of five percent in 2017/18, reduced to around two percent. This equates to an average estimated increase of $45 per year per household compared to $75 per year per household (for the average residential rates).

It is important to remember that community input will be vital in determining the outcome of the items listed in the proposal. The information received through community engagement will shape the direction of the Shire of Mundaring's Corporate Business Plan and Long Term Financial Plan which are adopted in June 2016.

The following list of projects under review and the subsequent impact on the community may be useful in helping you provide feedback.

Project/ServiceAction to be consideredImpact on the communityNumber  of users/participants

Estimated Annual Savings

Estimated costs to cease service

New drainage

Reduce budget

The number of improvements to stormwater systems per year that protect roads from flooding will halve.

The number of improvements varies significantly depending on the scope of work, however the scope of work each year would be halved


To be determined. Assessment required on quantum of work for drainage crew

New footpaths

Reduce budget

The number of new footpaths constructed per year will halve.

The number of improvements varies significantly depending on the scope of work. Scope of work each year would be halved



Lake Leschenaultia

Discontinue Shire provision of camping, cafe and canoe hire.

Free access to the park, lake and trails will continue. Camping, café and canoe hire will no longer be provided by the Shire.

11,077 camp visitor days In 2015/16

To be determined. Shire to investigate outsourcing these services to private operator/s. Estimated savings will depend on outsourcing costs and potential income to the Shire.

To be determined. Dependent on future use of facilities and quantum of work for lake staff.


Reduce the opening hours at Albert Facey Memorial Library at Mundaring and Katharine Susannah Prichard Library at Boya.

Operating hours to reduce by 10 hours per week. Waiting times for services may increase.

111,361 visitors

1421 new members

287,782 items loaned in 15/16


To be determined. Customer servicing costs and some building operational costs will reduce but collection management costs will remain.  

To be determined. Assessment required on quantum of work for library staff.

Mt Helena Aquatic Centre and Recreation Centre

Management and maintenance of the Centres to be handed back to the Department of Education. These facilities are licensed to the Shire for use outside of school hours.

Community has option to use the Bilgoman Aquatic Centre (16kms from Mt Helena facilities). Existing recreation centre bookings could be transferred to other Shire community facilities.

Aquatic Centre - 14,162 visits in 2015/16.


Recreation Centre- Currently 2 regular hirers

Approximately $175,000

To be determined in consultation with Department of Education.

Mahogany Creek Hall

Close the hall 

Hall will not be available for use. Existing users could relocate to nearby halls at Mundaring, Glen Forrest and Parkerville.

Currently 6 regular hirers

Average cost over 10 years including maintenance and planned upgrades is $28,500pa. Excludes disability access upgrades and asbestos removal


To be determined Dependent on future use of land.

Tennis Courts at Mahogany Creek, Chidlow and Wooroloo

Close tennis courts at Mahogany Creek, and Chidlow

Cease maintenance contributions to Wooroloo tennis courts owned by Department Education.

Community will not be able to use the courts. Alternative facilities are available at Mundaring, Glen Forrest and Mt Helena.

Mahogany Creek- 1 regular playing group plus casual hire.

Chidlow- casual hire only.

Wooroloo- unknown.

Average cost of $20,000 pa for maintenance and upgrades to court surfaces


To be determined. Dependent on future use of land

Tree Canopy and Understorey Program

Tree seedlings grown from local provenance and at local nurseries no longer offered free of charge.

Community will not be provided free seedlings. Local nurseries will lose some Shire business.

52,000 seedlings pa distributed to residents and friends groups in past years.

Three local nurseries grow seedlings. Contracted program co-ordinator role



Trek the Trail

Cease provision of annual walking/cycling event along Railway Reserves Heritage Trail.

Event will no longer be held.

Average attendance 1500 - 2000 per event



Tourism development and marketing

Cease destination marketing and development.

Shire-provides tourism visitor servicing only.

Three promotional activities per year. Tourism strategy developed every 5 years



Cat and dog rebates

Cease provision of $50 rebate on sterilisations. 

No rebate will be offered

204 people received a rebate  in 15/16




For more information about any of the items in the proposal, please contact your local councillor.

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