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Audit and Risk CommitteeAudit and Risk Committee ToRs
Australia Day Citizenship Awards CommitteeAustralia Day Citizenship Awards Committee ToRs
Bushfire Advisory Committee (BFAC)Bush Fire Advisory Committee ToRs
CEO Performance Review CommitteeCEO Performance Review ToRs
Environmental Advisory CommitteeEnvironmental Advisory Committee ToRs
Grants Selection CommitteeGrants Selection Committee ToRs
Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC)LEMC ToRs
Membership of committees and groupsRepresentation on Committees
Bushfire Advisory Committee (BFAC)BFAC Membership List

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1995 section 5.23 all meetings of any committee to which Council has delegated a power or duty must generally be open to the public. A committee may however close to members of the public a meeting or part of a meeting which deals with -

a) A matter affecting an employee or employees;

b) The personal affairs of any person;

c) A contract entered into, or which may be entered into, by the local government and which relates to a matter to be discussed at the meeting; and

d)   legal advice obtained, or which may be obtained, by the local government and which relates to a matter to be discussed at the meeting; and

e)   a matter that if disclosed, would reveal —

(i)         a trade secret; or

(ii)        information that has a commercial value to a person; or

(iii)       information about the business, professional, commercial or financial affairs of a person,

where the trade secret or information is held by, or is about, a person other than the local government; and

f)    a matter that if disclosed, could be reasonably expected to —

(i)         impair the effectiveness of any lawful method or procedure for preventing, detecting, investigating or dealing with any contravention or possible  contravention of the law; or

(ii)        endanger the security of the local government's property; or

(iii)       prejudice the maintenance or enforcement of a lawful measure for protecting public safety; and

g)   information which is the subject of a direction given under section 23(1a) of the Parliamentary Commissioner Act 1971; and

h)  such other matters as may be prescribed.


The following committees have delegated powers and are therefore generally open to the public:

  • Audit and Risk Committee (delegated power to meet with the auditor);

  • Australia Day Citizenship Awards Committee (delegated power to select winners of the awards); and

  • Grants Selection Committee (delegated power to make specified community grants).


The following committees don't have delegated powers and are therefore not open to the public:

  • Bushfire Advisory Committee (BFAC);

  • CEO Performance Review Committee;

  • Environmental Advisory Committee; and

  • Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC).

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