Annual Electors' Meetings

The Local Government Act 1995 requires ​Shire of Mundaring to hold a general meeting of electors once every financial year to consider the contents of the Annual Report and to raise other general business.

Electors have the opportunity to present motions (proposals) for consideration, that are voted on by the meeting attendees. Motions supported by a majority of voters become decisions of the meeting. While these decisions are not binding, they must be considered by Council at its next ordinary meeting or the following meeting.

The minutes of the Annual Electors' Meeting on 3 February 2020 are here:

 Annual Electors' Meeting Minutes 3 February 2020

The Annual Electors' Meeting (AEM) decisions for the past three years and their consideration and follow-up by Council are listed here:

Annual Electors Meeting Motions and Follow-up Actions - 13 Mar 2021.pdf


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