Deputations and Petitions


1. Members of the public may, during the deputations segment of the order of business and with the consent of the Presiding Member, make a public statement on any matter that appears on the agenda for that meeting provided that 

a) the deputation is limited to a maximum of 3 minutes, unless otherwise determined by the Presiding member; 

b) the deputation is not offensive or defamatory in nature, providing that the Presiding Member has taken all reasonable steps to assist the member of the public to phrase the statement in a manner that is not offensive or defamatory; and 

c) no discussion or questions relating to the deputation are permitted, unless otherwise determined by the Presiding Member. 

2. Fifteen minutes is to be allocated for deputations. 

3. Once all statements have been made, nothing prevents the unused part of the deputation time period from being used for other matters. 

4. If the 15 minute period set aside for deputations is reached, Council may resolve by resolution that statement time be extended for no more than two 15 minute extensions.


1. A petition is to – 

a) be addressed to the President; 

b) be made by electors of the district; 

c) state the request on each page of the petition; 

d) contain the legible names, addresses and signatures of the electors making the request; 

e) contain a summary of the reasons for the request;

f) state the name of the person to whom, and an address at which, notice to the petitioners can be given; and 

g) not contain offensive or insulting language. 

2. On the presentation of a petition – 

a) the member presenting it or the CEO is confined to reading the petition; and 

b) the only motion that is in order is that the petition be received and that it be referred to the CEO for action.

3. At any meeting, the Council is not to vote on any matter that is the subject of a petition presented to that meeting, unless – 

a) The matter is the subject of a report included in the agenda; and 

b) The Council has considered the issues raised in the petition.

For additional information on petitions, please read the Petition Information document.

If you wish to start a petition, please use this Petition Template.


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