Elected Members

Elected members (also known as councillors) provide an avenue for public participation and input on important decisions which affect the way you live.

If you wish to contact an elected member, please refer to the contact details below.  If you choose to send an email to the email address of one or more elected members, please note that your correspondence will be captured in the Shire's records management database.

Should you decide to send your correspondence to the Shire address (shire@mundaring.wa.gov.au) please note that the matter will be attended to by Shire employees and may not be forwarded to elected members.

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​West Ward

South Ward​

Cr Tony Brennan 

Ph: 0427 545 611
(Term expires October 2019)


Cr James Martin 


(Term expires October 2019)​​


Cr Jason Russell 


Ph: 0434 022 289
(Term expires October 2021)


Cr David Lavell 


Ph: 0419 913 014
(Term expires October 2021)


Cr Ian Green


Ph: 0430 023 009

(Term expires October 2021)


Cr Darrell Jones


Ph: 0409 688 568

(Term expires October 2021)  

Central Ward

East Ward​

Cr Doug Jeans


Ph: 0427 732 750
(Term expires October 2019) 


Cr Kate Driver


Ph: 0432 539 066
(Term expires October 2021) 

Cr Lynn Fisher (Deputy President)


Ph: 0439 420 781
(Term expires October 2019)

Cr John Daw (Shire President)


Ph: 0437 997 325
(Term expires October 2019)


Cr Toni Burbidge


Ph: 0409 101 647
(Term expires October 2021)

Cr Stephen Fox


Ph: 0417 329 129
(Term expires October 2019)


​Office of the Chief Executive
9290 6602

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