Local Laws


Local Governments have a general power to provide for the good government of the people in their district. This means that local governments can do things for the good government of their districts if they are not prevented from doing so by the Local Government Act 1995 or any other written law.

In exercising this general power, a local government can make local laws (legislative function) and provide services and facilities (executive function).


Meeting Procedures Local Law

To make provisions about the rules that apply to the conduct of Council and committee meetings and to meetings of electors.

Keeping of Cats

Keeping and welfare of cats, reducing nuisance to the community, protection of native fauna.

Dogs Local Law

Control, impoundment and keeping of dogs, issuing of kennel license, fees and penalties.

Extractive Industries Local Law - Consolidated 

A local law to regulate the requirements, conditions and fees for extractive industries licences.

Fencing Local Law 2014

Manner and materials for fences and walls, sufficient and dangerous fences.

Health Local Laws

Protection of the community with regard to responsibilities under the Health Act 1911.

Signs Local Law

Control and management of signs, including size and design, licensing, removing and penalties.

Thoroughfares Local Law

Activities in thoroughfares and trading in thoroughfares and public places.

Local Government Property Local Law- Consolidated

A local law to regulate the care, control and management of all local government property except thoroughfares.

Cemeteries Local Law - Consolidated

A local law to control and manage the public cemeteries in the Shire.

Bush Fire Brigades Local Law 2013

Establishment and maintenance of Bushfire Brigades, financial commitments and membership requirements.


Parking Local Law

Establishing a parking region for the district and enforcing parking restrictions in the region.

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