Citizenship Ceremonies

Making the Australian Citizenship Pledge is the final step in becoming and Australian Citizen, and Shire of Mundaring is proud to welcome those who have made this journey.

Your first step in applying to become an Australia Citizen is to contact the Department of Home Affairs on 13 18 80 or by visiting their website.

Applications must be lodged at the Department of Home Affairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number for the Citizenship Information Line?

The Citizenship Information Line is 131 880.

How do I apply for Australian Citizenship?

You can download an application pack or apply online through the Department of Home Affairs website or by visiting their centre: Wellington Central, 836 Wellington Street, West Perth.

When and where are Citizenship Ceremonies held?

Shire of Mundaring host citizenship ceremonies every 8 to 12 weeks at their Civic Centre, 7000 Great Eastern Highway, Mundaring.  

How long does the Citizenship Ceremony run for?

The Citizenship Ceremony will run for approximately one hour. After the ceremony, candidates and guests are invited to stay for drinks and refreshments.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the ceremony?

You need to bring your invitation to the ceremony and one form of photo identification:

  • driver's licence
  • passport, or
  • an official document with a photograph

If you do not have photo identification, then bring at least 3 documents showing your name, address and signature:

  • bank statements
  • utility bills, or
  • credit card statements

If you are under 16, you do not need to bring photo identification.

If you want to make the Australian citizenship pledge on a holy book, please bring your book with you to the ceremony as we do not provide holy books.

Is there a dress code?

The ceremony is an important event where you make a commitment to Australia. You and your guests should be dressed in formal or smart casual clothing, and groomed to reflect its significance.

What happens on the day?

You should arrive about 15 minutes before the ceremony so you can register and find your seat. The ceremony itself may take about 1 hour.

After you are seated, there will be:

  • a formal introduction
  • speeches, including a welcome message from the Minister of Home Affairs
  • an address to participants
  • the pledge
  • National Anthem

You will be called on to repeat the Australian citizenship pledge you have chosen on your application to read out loud. A card will be presented to you to read from so you do not need to memorize anything prior to the ceremony. Once you have made your pledge you will become an Australian citizen .

At the end of the ceremony, you and your guests are welcome to stay for light refreshments.

Do children need to attand citizenship ceremonies?

Children aged 16 years and over are legally required to attend their citizenship ceremony and take the citizenship pledge in order to become an Australian citizen. Children under the age of 16 are not legally required to take the citizenship pledge, however are welcome to attend the ceremony and are encouraged to take the citizenship pledge where possible.  

How many guests can I bring to the ceremony?

Shire of Mundaring allows two adult guests per family. Children are an exception.  

Will I receive my certificate at the Ceremony?

Yes. Once the candidates have been invited and accepted the invitation to the ceremony, Shire of Mundaring is required to order the Citizenship Certificates from the Department of Home Affairs four weeks prior to the ceremony. The certificates are printed in Canberra and then sent to Shire of Mundaring for the ceremony.

How can I find out when my Citizenship Ceremony will be?

Citizenship Ceremonies are gauged by a Conferral Planning Reports sent to Shire of Mundaring once a month from the Department of Home Affairs. Once these reports are received, you will then be booked onto the next available ceremony. An invitation will then be sent to you from Shire of Mundaring

What is the waiting time for a ceremony?

The Department of Home Affairs advises that once you have received the approval letter, the waiting time can be between four to six months.

Is it possible to arrange a Private Citizenship Ceremony?

Private ceremonies are only allowed in the most exceptional circumstances. For more information, please contact the Department of Home Affairs on 131 880.

What are the fees to apply for Australian Citizenship?

The fees range from $180 and $285 depending on the type of Citizenship you are applying for. Fees are made payable to the Department of Home Affairs. Before applying, you are advised to ring the Citizenship Information Line on 131 880 to confirm the fees.

I have lost my citizenship certificate, what should I do?

In an instance when you have lost your Citizenship Certificate, you will need to contact the Department of Home Affairs to arrange a replacement. Shire of Mundaring is unable to replace this certificate  

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