2019 Election Results

SHIRE of Mundaring's Local Government Elections were held on Saturday, 19 October and the results are now available.

In the Central Ward, candidates Amy Collins, Doug Jeans and Bob Perks were contesting TWO Councillor vacancies. Newcomer Amy Collins received the highest number of votes (1243), followed by Doug Jeans who was re-elected after receiving 963 votes. Bob Perks received 817 votes.

In the West Ward, candidates Matthew Corica, Daniel Hanley and Michael Porter were contesting ONE Councillor vacancy. Matthew Corica was elected after receiving 595 votes. Daniel Hanley received 457 votes and Michael Porter received 308 votes.

In the East Ward, candidates John Daw, Simon Cuthbert and Janette Edwards were also contesting TWO Councillor vacancies. John Daw was re-elected, receiving the highest number of votes (1096), followed by Simon Cuthbert who received 898 votes. Janette Edwards received 871 votes.

In the South Ward, James Martin was re-elected unopposed.

Congratulations to the successful candidates!
Amy Collins & Doug Jeans (CENTRAL WARD); John Daw & Simon Cuthbert (EAST WARD), Matthew Corica (WEST WARD) and James Martin (SOUTH WARD).

The full results can be viewed on the WA Electoral Commission website here.

Election of the Shire President and Deputy Shire President

SHIRE PRESIDENT: Councillor John Daw defeated Councillor Toni Burbidge 7/4 and was elected to the position.

DEPUTY SHIRE PRESIDENT: Councillor Jason Russell defeated Councillor James Martin 6/5 and was elected to the position.

The announcement took place at a Special Meeting of Mundaring Shire Council tonight, Monday 21 October 2019.

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