Aquatic Centre Opens for Summer

BILGOMAN Aquatic Centre is opening this month for the summer season with parents urged to remain vigilant.

Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Throssell said while it was a little chilly now, the warm weather would soon set in.

"Bilgoman is extremely popular with people across all age groups," he said. "The Shire is proud to continue delivering this service so people can cool off in the hot Perth summers."

Mr Throssell said while the pool provided a great day out for children and families, guardians needed to be alert.

"In previous seasons, aquatic centre employees noticed a significant increase in the number of parents and guardians who are glued to their smart phones and not paying attention to children in the water," he said. "A pool is no place for a phone. We ask all adults to put their phones away and concentrate on the children in their care, especially those under five years."

For this age group parents must be in the water with them and ensure children are within arm's reach at all times.

"Although the centre has life guards, ultimately children under your care are solely your responsibility," Mr Throssell said.

Bilgoman Aquatic Centre opens on Saturday, 19 October. Mt Helena Aquatic Centre opens slightly later in the season on Saturday, 7 December.

For more information about the Shire's aquatic centres, go to the Shire's website, or click the direct link here.

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