Bulk verge collection community feedback

IN late October 2017 Shire of Mundaring carried out a two-week online survey about its bulk verge collection service.

The survey received responses from 294 participants of whom 67% said they were satisfied or greatly satisfied with the annual bulk verge collection.

When asked how the Shire could improve the service, 75 respondents said they were happy with the current service; 64 wished to increase the number of annual collections and 5 respondents suggested there be no collection as they hoped that cutting costs would lead to a reduction in rates.

A group of 42 respondents suggested various improvements such as the inclusion of tyres, fluorescent lights, paints and other items in the collection.

When asked what they liked most about the service, 99 respondents said they felt that the collection was carried out in a timely and tidy manner whereas 58 said it was the convenience of the service that they liked most.

Results from the three questions of the survey are pictured in the charts below.

More information about the Shire's current bulk verge collection service is available under the Services tab on the Shire website www.mundaring.wa.gov.au

Q1. How satisfied were you with this year's bulk verge collection service?


Q2. What would Shire of Mundaring need to do to improve the service?


Q3. What did you like most about the service?


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