Camp under a Super Moon

​Looking for the perfect spot to view the Total Eclipse of a Super Blue Blood Moon? Look no further than Lake Leschenaultia and Mundaring Weir!

On Wednesday 31 January, Perth will be treated to a very special eclipse event which hasn't occurred since 1866! Not only will it be a blue moon as it will be the second full moon of the calendar year, it will also be a Super Moon. This means that the moon is full on the same day that it is at (or near) the closest point in its orbit to the Earth. This incredible combination creates what is known as a Total Lunar Eclipse of a Super Blue Blood Moon.

This eclipse, which won't happen again for another 20 years, begins at 7.09pm but won't be visible until around 8.15pm when the moon rises above the beautiful trees of the Perth Hills. The moon will be a spectacular copper colour between 9.15pm and 9.45pm, with the eclipse coming to an end by approximately 12am the following day.

Why not take advantage of this incredible sight by viewing it from the South Ledge Viewing Platform at Mundaring Weir, or from beautiful Lake Leschenaultia where campsites are still available for the night?

For bookings, please contact the Mundaring Visitor Centre on 9290 0202 or via email at (Please keep in mind that the gates at Lake Leschenaultia close at 8pm, so vehicles will need to be parked outside of the park).

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