Changes to Inter-Library Loan Services in WA


​To deliver a more effective service to local communities in Western Australia, State and Public Libraries WA will be making some changes to inter-library loans, commencing 1 July 2017 for a six month trial period.

The changes are as follows:

• Fiction items will be available for inter-library lending from 12 months after purchase. This applies to fiction in all formats for both metropolitan and country libraries.

• Customers from metropolitan libraries will have access to a total of 12 inter-library loans per member per annum.

• Customers from country libraries will be have access to a total of 24 inter-library loans per member per annum.

• If an external loan (from outside the WA public library system) is requested by a library customer, a fee based on recovering costs will be charged.

The trial will be evaluated at the end of the six month period.

If you have any feedback or concerns, please put them in writing and email to Shire of Mundaring libraries at and they will be forwarded to the State Library.

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