Climate Emergency declared for Shire of Mundaring

‚ÄčAt its meeting on 10 December 2019, the Shire of Mundaring Council resolved to declare a climate emergency in response to the serious and worsening risks for the Shire and the need for urgent action.

Shire President Cr John Daw said the decision by Council was made having listened to feedback obtained through recent community strategic planning workshops and as a result of a report provided by the Shire's Environmental Advisory Committee, which includes highly credentialed local community members.

Read his full statement below:
"The Environmental Advisory Committee based its recommendation on solid evidence about the urgent need to act on the causes of climate change and address the serious and worsening risks to our region. Council also resolved to write to the Premier of WA and the Prime Minister to request their urgent assistance.

The causes of climate change are similar across Australia, as are the impacts of climate change similar on communities across Australia. I call on Premier McGowan and Prime Minister Morrison to show leadership and take action in response to this emergency. This includes taking strategic action to rapidly reduce emissions from all sources. 

Local Governments are limited in their ability to address the effects of climate change. What is required is a national strategy that is well resourced and smartly targeted.

Advice from the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and Western Australia's Department of Fire and Emergency Services confirms that climate change is already making bushfire seasons longer and more dangerous across Australia.

This national strategy must address the newly emerging characteristics of bushfires that are defeating our fire control brigades. It needs to re-align firefighting resources to regain control of the bushlands. It needs to provide new forms of support for local adaptation initiatives. We call for proper planning and preparation to mitigate the effects of climate change on local biodiversity.

Climate change can have a dramatic effect on the sustainability of our Hills and Foothills lifestyle. As one of the more bushfire-prone local government areas in Australia, we have every reason to pay attention to these warnings, and no good reason to ignore the experts.

I will lobby the State and Federal governments for a united and integrated approach from all levels of government to step up, provide leadership and respond to this climate emergency before our communities suffer from consequences like a major bushfire and species extinctions."

Cr John Daw,
Shire President

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