Collaborative partnership results in safer crossing

Shire of Mundaring has gained a commitment to the construction of a safer pedestrian crossing over the railway line traversing Morrison Road, Swan View.

This has been achieved through collaboration and partnership with the City of Swan.

A major safety upgrade will take place at a local railway pedestrian crossing, following concerns raised by Shire of Mundaring and the City of Swan.

The area in question is at the railway line traversing Morrison Road in Swan View.

Shire President Cr John Daw met on-site recently with City of Swan Mayor David Lucas to observe the reported safety issue.

"We could see that the very narrow pedestrian path over the rail line could be a potential hazard for people attempting to cross, and that there was a need for action," Cr Daw said.

He described that the hazard was amplified for people with prams and/or wheelchairs with risk of a wheel falling off the edge of the narrow footpath.

Cr Daw contacted Arc Infrastructure, the managers of rail infrastructure in the area, requesting an urgent upgrade to the footpath within the identified 'danger zone'.

In response to Cr Daw's request Arc Infrastructure has agreed to take the appropriate measures to increase the width of the pedestrian maze and are currently liaising with the contractor who will install the new surface. The commencement date is to be advised.

Shire of Mundaring and City of Swan have committed to upgrading the footpath outside of the identified 'danger zone' to match the existing footpath widths in Morrison Road improving safety for residents of both Shires.

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