Container deposit scheme will help to keep the Shire beautiful

SHIRE of Mundaring has welcomed the introduction of a container deposit scheme in the local area.

The scheme, which offers a 10 cent return on containers, will be introduced by the Liberal National Government to help improve recycling and reduce littering in Western Australia.

Shire President David Lavell said the scheme, which will commence in around 18 months, was great news for the region and state in general.

"This is something the Shire, as part of the East Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC), has been working towards for many years," Cr Lavell said.

"The recycling scheme will not only make our roads tidier which is great for residents and ratepayers but it will also make the area more attractive to tourists."

Consumers will be able to get a 10 cent refund on containers usually seen as litter, such as cans and bottles, soft drinks, bottled water and flavoured milk drinks.

As community demand for the scheme has been very strong throughout the state, it is expected there will be widespread participation throughout the Shire.

Cr Lavell said the refund would be available from reverse vending machines and collection depots in local areas but their exact location is still to be determined by the Department of Environment Regulation.

"You often see drink containers lying around, which is obviously litter, but it also has the potential to cause environmental harm," Cr Lavell said.

"With a refund scheme, there will be more incentive to recycle and everyone can benefit from doing the right thing."

The introduction of the container deposit scheme in WA follows on its success in other states throughout Australia. It will also complement the Shire of Mundaring's Environmental Management Plan 2012-2022 and the broader Litter Prevention Strategy for Western Australia 2015-2020.


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