Public comment sought on Dogs Local Law 2017

Pictured: ‚ÄčShire President David Lavell shakes paws with Nero.

SHIRE of Mundaring council is seeking public comment on a proposal to introduce new local dog laws.

The Dogs Local Law 2017, which in accordance with the Dog Act 1976 and the Local Government Act 1995, intends to strengthen rules pertaining to dogs across the Shire.

Shire President David Lavell said the proposal focuses on three main areas including the number of dogs that can be kept at a property without approval, the provision of adequate fencing and the establishment of rules for the removal of dog excreta in public places.

"A review of the Shire's existing local law was initiated in December 2016 after it became apparent it was no longer sufficient to deal with contemporary issues such as the confinement of dogs and limitations on numbers," Cr Lavell said.

It is important to note that the proposal to limit the number of dogs on properties is not retroactive. In addition, the proposal allows for dog owners to apply for an exemption.

Copies of the proposed local laws can be viewed at the Shire's Administration Centre, the Shire's website and public libraries once the public comment period commences.

The comment period will be open early next week until no later than 4pm on Wednesday 6 September 2017.

Details will be available on the Shire's website under 'Public Notices'.


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