Councillor Jason Russell awarded prestigious scholarship

​Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) President Lynne Craigie and Shire of Mundaring Councillor Jason Russell.

SHIRE of Mundaring would like to congratulate Councillor Jason Russell, 20, who was recently awarded the WALGA President's Local Government Diploma Scholarship.

Cr Russell's achievement marks the first time a Mundaring Councillor has received the highly-contested award, valued up to $10,000.

A second-year law student, Cr Russell expressed his gratitude at winning the scholarship and said he hoped to complete the Diploma of Local Government by the end of 2019.

"I am extremely grateful for the opportunity WALGA has provided me. It represents a vote of confidence in young Elected Members' ability to fully participate in all aspects of their role," Cr Russell said.   

"The diploma provides skills and knowledge which will support me to carry out my role to a consistently high standard," he added.

Units in the course cover a wide range of Elected Member responsibilities including planning policy and developing community leadership.

With a review of the Local Government Act 1995 underway, emphasis has already been placed on the need for compulsory and ongoing training for councillors as an important part of reform.

"As a decision-making body, Council relies on the information provided by Shire staff and on the abilities and understanding of Councillors. A well informed and well trained Council makes better decisions, resulting in better outcomes for the community," Cr Russell said.   

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