Dog owner prosecuted following attack

SHIRE of Mundaring has successfully prosecuted a dog owner after his pet attacked a workman causing a serious injury to his arm.

The incident occurred in November 2018 while the man was carrying out work at the dog owners' property. Although the owner took responsibility for the attack, the shire has a duty to administer and enforce the provisions of the Dog Act 1976.

That includes prosecuting where there is a strong case and where the seriousness of the offence warrants this approach.

Emergency Management and Community Safety Manager Adrian Dyson said the shire takes dog attacks very seriously," he said. "We have a responsibility to keep our residents (and their pets and livestock) safe".

In 2017, the shire introduced new laws and fines relating to dogs in a range of different areas. Known as the Dogs Local Law 2017, the legislation strengthens the Dog Act 1976 and the Local Government Act 1995.

The Shire can impose penalties on the owner of a dog found to attack a person or another dog under the Dog Act 1976 and Dog Regulations 2013.

Dog owners are liable for a fine of $400 where an attack or chase causes injury and $200 without injury.

"While we'd prefer not to prosecute people, we have a responsibility to protect the community by taking action where it is deemed necessary," Mr Dyson said.

For more information about owning a dog in the shire, go to the website or click here to go directly to the Dog Owner Information page.  

Alternatively, queries can be made to the shire's Community Safety Team during office hours on 9290 6696.

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