Dogs to be on leash on trail, resolves Council

​FOLLOWING the public comment period in September and October 2017, Mundaring Councillors this week reaffirmed the status of the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail (RRHT) as an on-leash area for dogs.

A Dog Exercise Area is a location where a dog can be exercised off-leash, by someone who is capable of controlling the dog. Under the Dog Act 1976, all local governments are required to specify Dog Exercise Areas and Prohibited Areas within the local government's boundaries.

A proposal to instate sections of the RRHT as off-leash Dog Exercise Areas between the hours of 4pm and 10am daily was put forward to the community following Council's determination of 41 Dog Exercise Areas and six Prohibited Areas across the Shire at its Ordinary Council Meeting on 11 September.  

The proposal received 84 submissions, of which 42 were in favour of making the RRHT a Dog Exercise Area during the proposed hours. The officer's report to Council noted the majority 54% of submissions that were in favour of the proposal came from the South Ward.  

Thirty-nine submissions objected to use of the RRHT as a Dog Exercise Area at any time with reasons cited including the risk of being attacked by a dog, environmental concerns and the consideration for the safety needs of all users at all times. The submissions were, according the report, received from residents distributed more broadly across all wards including the South ward.

Other public spaces under review as part of the proposal were favoured in part or in full to be made Dog Exercise Areas in four submissions. These included:

  • Lot 100 Hardey Road, Glen Forrest (excluding Glen Forrest Community Garden);
  • Lots 377 & 378, Chartwell Way, Swan View; and
  • Mundaring Arena Oval, Mundaring Weir Road, Mundaring (formerly known as Mundaring Recreation Oval.

The officer's recommendation to specify the above locations as Dog Exercise Areas and declare the RRHT an on-leash area at all times in accordance with Section 31 of the Dog Act 1976 was passed 7-4 by Council.

Details of submissions and the officer's recommendation can be viewed in the Unconfirmed Minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting held 12 December 2017.

Visit the Shire website for more information, maps and a list of Dog Exercise Areas in the Shire of Mundaring.

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