Drivers wise up thanks to courtesy speed signs

​Pictured: Shire of Mundaring Civil Designer Richard Ness collects data from a courtesy speed display sign at Thomas Road, Glen Forrest (eastbound).

Courtesy speed display signs (CSDS) loaned to Shire of Mundaring by WALGA's RoadWise program last month have proven effective in helping to reduce vehicle travel speeds within the shire.

The signs, placed at two locations along Thomas Road in Glen Forrest, were installed to make the road safer and reduce the risk of crashes.

Shire of Mundaring President David Lavell said data recorded by the signs over the August trial period showed they'd had a positive impact on drivers' behaviour.

"Based on the data available from the trial, speeding drivers were shown to reduce their speed, on average, by around ten to fifteen percent when the [sign] was visible and flashing," Cr Lavell said. 

The signs were installed at locations covering westbound and eastbound traffic in a 60km/h section of the road.

The average initial speed of westbound traffic approaching the sign was 61km/h with an average final speed of 54 km/h.

Similarly the average initial speed recorded for eastbound traffic was 55km/h with an average final speed of 50km/h.  

Cr Lavell said the trial's success paved the way for possibilities to install CSDS at other locations within the shire.

"Overall the signs had a positive impact on vehicle speeds in the area and promoted a proactive approach to safe driving, benefiting road users and the community as a whole," he said.

"As an initiative which supports the Shire's commitment to road safety, the success of the trial opens possibilities to seek to use the road safety tool at other locations in the shire in the future."

It is suggested the signs remain for no longer than one month at a single location due to driver complacency increasing over time as a result of familiarisation.

For more information visit the Shire website.

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