Illegal firewood collection damaging homes for fauna

​RESIDENTS are being reminded to ensure all firewood is legally obtained in the Shire of Mundaring and doesn't negatively impact the environment.

Shire President David Lavell said the Shire had received increased reports of trees being felled in Shire reserves, as well as on land controlled by the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

"Felling of trees and removal of firewood from National Parks, local reserves, old growth forests and other conservation reserves is an offence," he said.

"It is unfortunate that such destructive behaviour is becoming an increasing problem in our Shire.

"These trees are not only valuable flora in our local ecosystem, but many birds, insects and native mammals use the hollow logs and fallen timber for shelter and places for finding food. Removing this habitat reduces the places these animals can forage for food and reduces their chances of survival."

Cr Lavell said trespassing on Shire, DPaW and private land could also have other consequences.

"Driving cars off formed roads and through the bush spreads forest diseases such as dieback and damages our local vegetation," he said.

"We know residents are trying to stay warm through the cold winter but we ask everyone to abide by the rules for the sake of our natural flora and fauna."

There are a number of locations firewood can be legally obtained. For more information visit

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