Keep on recycling, residents urged

​Shire of Mundaring residents and business owners have been urged to continue good recycling habits, despite temporary disruptions to the processing of recyclable materials in WA.

Director Infrastructure Services Shane Purdy today issued the following statement:

"Cleanaway is responsible for the collection and recycling of recyclable material from the Shire's kerbside recycling bins.

Following the destruction of their material recycling facility in South Guildford by fire in December, and up until late January 2020, Cleanaway was taking recyclable waste to the Suez and South Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC) material recovery facilities. Negotiations to broker a new deal with the SMRC to extend the period of delivery of recyclables has reached a stalemate.

As a result Cleanaway is currently seeking alternative interim site/s to manually sort recyclables, noting there is no additional capacity at the Suez facility to take the balance of material. This balance material is currently going to landfill.

The proposed alternative interim arrangements are expected to start coming on stream from March – and timing is subject to approvals – unless the deadlock with the SMRC can be resolved earlier. The interim arrangements will only apply until the South Guildford facility is up and running again. This is expected to be about a 12-month period, after which all recycling operations by Cleanaway will return to business as usual.

It is noted Cleanaway have sought the assistance of the State Environment Minister to broker an arrangement with the SMRC as this would immediately stop any material having to go to landfill.

There will be an unavoidable, short-term period where some of the collected materials that are usually recycled will be sent to landfill. While it is unfortunate, and only for a short period, we encourage Shire of Mundaring residents and business owners to continue their good recycling habits."

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