Lake Leschenaultia open late for lunar eclipse

Lake Leschenaultia will be open late for stargazers and photography fans to snap the perfect shot of the total lunar 'super blood moon' eclipse, tomorrow night.

The lunar transition will start from 5.44pm and end just before 10pm.

This once in a year experience will see the moon turn a copper colour as sunlight passes through the edges of Earth's atmosphere and beams onto the moon's surface.

Shire of Mundaring Manager Recreation and Leisure Services, Kirk Kitchin, said although the lake usually closed at sunset, members of the public were welcome to stay until 10pm on Wednesday.

"Leschenaultia is the great for viewing the night sky thanks to low light pollution in Chidlow and the lake beachfront offers plenty of space for visitors," Mr Kitchin said.

"We can't wait to see what local astrophotographers capture.

"Here's hoping we get clear skies and they are able to shoot some memorable images."

Super moons are brighter and larger than a normal full moon and occur when the moon reaches the closest point to Earth along its orbit.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the moon, at the exact alignment that causes the moon to be fully covered by Earth's shadow.

Visitors are encouraged to wear warm clothing.

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