Little Possums Inc invited to develop business case

​SHIRE of Mundaring Council last night considered a late report, being a request for support from Little Possums Daycare Incorporated, at its December Ordinary Council Meeting.

Shire President John Daw said he was pleased Council arrived at a decision that would allow both Little Possums Daycare Incorporated and Mundaring Sharing to continue delivering important services to the community.

"Both groups are an integral part of our local community, offering invaluable wellbeing, social, and educational outcomes to local residents and their families,"
said Cr Daw.

"Council has listened and considered the best interests of all parties involved. Moving forward, provisions can now be made for the creation of two separate leases, allowing Little Possums to run a childcare centre and Mundaring Sharing to continue running an adult learning centre at 3 Craigie Street, Mundaring," he said.

The motion supported by Councillors outlines that Council:

1.      Commences negotiations to create two separate leases for the facilities currently used for childcare and adult education at 3 Craigie Place Mundaring;

2.    Invites Little Possums Daycare Incorporated to submit a business case to the Shire, as soon as possible, to operate a child care service within a Shire facility at 3 Craigie Place, Mundaring;

3.    Requests the CEO, once the business case referred to in point 2 is received, prepare a report for Council to consider the business case and any proposed lease conditions for the childcare facilities at 3 Craigie Place, Mundaring, including responsibilities of each party and the annual rent;

4.   Terminates the lease with Mundaring Sharing at 3 Craigie Place, Mundaring, giving the required six months' written notice, should Council approve a lease being entered into for the childcare facilities at 3 Craigie Place, Mundaring; and

5.    Asks Mundaring Sharing to continue operating Little Possums Sharing Centre until such time as Little Possums Daycare Incorporated enters into a lease for the facilities currently used for childcare at 3 Craigie Place, Mundaring.

The Little Possums Daycare service is currently run by Mundaring Sharing. However Mundaring Sharing recently advised the Shire it was no longer able to provide the service due to the legal responsibilities associated with being an approved childcare provider that lies outside its core business model as an adult education centre.

Cr Daw said Little Possums Daycare Incorporated was now invited to submit a business case to the Shire for the operation of a childcare centre at 3 Craigie Place Mundaring.

Once the business case has been received, a report will be prepared for consideration by Council at a future meeting next year. 

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