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New community vision for Shire

Shire of Mundaring has a new vision following the adoption of its 10-year Strategic Community Plan, Mundaring 2026.

A sense of space, a sense of place was supported by community members who participated in workshops and online consultation.

Shire President David Lavell said the Strategic Community Plan (SCP) was an important document for the Shire as an organisation, its Council and the community.

"Mundaring 2026 details areas of value to the community, as well as key priorities and objectives within governance, community, natural and built environments," Cr Lavell said.

"The document is now being used to shape the Shire's Corporate Business Plan which lists priorities for specific services, operations and projects to be delivered over four-year cycles."

Cr Lavell said while the SCP was a 10-year plan, it would be reviewed every two years with a full review and update every four years. The reviews ensured the Shire was meeting the community's expectations and that the priorities/objectives had not changed.

Priorities listed in Mundaring 2026 include:

  • Governance

    • A fiscally responsible Shire that prioritises spending appropriately

    • Transparent, responsive and engaged processes for Shire decision making

  • Community

    • A community that is prepared for bush fire and other natural disasters

    • Residents of all ages, needs and backgrounds are engaged and supported by their community

    • A strong and localised community spirit

    • A place of vibrant culture and arts

    • Flourishing local business

  • Natural Environment

    • A community that manages water sustainably

    • A place where the environment is well managed

    • A great place to immerse yourself in nature

  • Built Environment

    • A place that is connected, safe and easy to move around

    • Community needs are considered in planning for the future

    • Reliable digital services and power supply

"I would like to thank all community members who took part in the Mundaring 2026 process. Your support and contribution is vital to ensure our planning supports the community's vision, values and aspirations for the next 10 years," Cr Lavell said.

Mundaring 2026 is available online Mundaring 2026 or view at the Shire Administration Centre and local libraries.

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