Mundaring celebrates at Australia Day ceremony

​​Shire of Mundaring held its annual Australia Day citizenship and awards ceremony on Thursday 26 January.

A total of 23 new Australian citizens were officially welcomed to the Shire, as they read their pledge of Citizenship in front of their family and friends.

Shire President David Lavell extended a warm welcome to the Shire's newest citizens.

He said Australia Day was a great celebration for the whole community and an opportunity to welcome Mundaring's newest citizens as full members of the Australian community.

"Today we all unite to celebrate the country we all call home," Cr Lavell said at the ceremony. Each new citizen was presented with a gift bag and wildflower.

Following the citizenship ceremony, a number of awards were presented to recognise and celebrate significant contributions to community life and active citizenship in the Shire.

"Australia Day is the perfect time to recognise the wonderful volunteers who meaningfully contribute to our community to make it such a great place to live," Cr Lavell said.

Primary and High School Citizen Awards

Jacob AlexanderSwan View Senior High School
Madeleine ChristieHelena College Senior School
Patricia Eivers Eastern Hills Senior High School
Samuel Hartley  Mundaring Christian College
Elijah Croot Mundaring Christian College
Hannah Gilham Bible Baptist Christian Academy
Nathan Turk Bible Baptist Christian Academy
Alec MarshallHelena Valley Primary School
Rachel Colyer Sawyers Valley Primary School
Emily Scook  Parkerville Primary School
Chelsi Le NoirMount Helena Primary School
Mason Milne  Greenmount Primary School
Emily Jones Glen Forrest Primary School
Abegail Locke

Mundaring Primary School


Shire of Mundaring Citizenship Awards for a person under 25's

Rebekah Annelise Millard – Nominated by Riding for the Disabled Hills Group

Rebekah has been an elected committee member for RDA Hills Group since 2012. She was elected President in 2015 and 2016. Rebekah takes on a variety of roles as a volunteer worker and young leader. Rebekah greets each child and parent at several riding sessions during the week and has attended many events as a representative of the RDA Hills Group. 

She is frequently interviewed by the local media and her positive comments raise public awareness and reinforce the message that riders with a disability have many abilities and deserve respect.

As a rider with a disability, Rebekah has applied herself with outstanding diligence and tenacity to achieve a very high standard in Dressage Competition and riding at Pre-Paralympic level.

When young riders come to RDA Hills Group they consider Rebekah a role model. Through her actions, she demonstrates that dreams are achievable.


Talia Hobson – Nominated by Girl Guides WA

Talia has consistently participated in a variety of community services within the Shire of Mundaring. This includes the homeless appeal, gardening at local reserves, collecting rubbish and participating in an annual Halloween food collection.

Talia also regularly supports the Girl Guides through a number of activities, such as selling biscuits and playing a role in ceremonies and busy bees.

Talia is a delightful young lady and a responsible member of our community. Her caring and compassionate nature makes her a well-loved and respected member of her Unit. The challenges she has embraced through Guiding have contributed to her growth as a conscientious and community-minded individual who is committed to making a difference. 

She has shown great commitment and enthusiasm throughout her Guiding journey.  Most importantly, Talia has always been aware of what her Promise means to her and tries her very best to live by it.


Shire of Mundaring citizenship award winners

Trevor Dugdale – Nominated by Laurence and Cheryl Osborne and Richard and Margaret Matthews

Trevor is a very helpful man and a much loved member of the Treetop Grove Over 55s community. Trevor has been an inspiration to all the residents of the Hilltop Estate with his helpfulness, fantastic work ethic and expertise.

He is approachable and always willing to help if he is able to, whether it's cleaning the gutters or doing repairs. Trevor is always there to listen to requests in a receptive way. Nothing is ever too much trouble for him.

He dedicates his time to the community working tirelessly, irrespective of the job. He pulls branches and delivers them to the Recycling Area, he has laid bricks, installed reticulation, hung pictures, mirrors and performed many, varied tasks with unrelenting enthusiasm.

He has always made himself available to transport the Hilltop Residents around when necessary, day or night, spending long hours waiting in hospital emergency or outpatient departments.


Hilda Christian - Nominated by Marilyn Davies and Lyne Nalsmith - Mundaring Sharing Inc.

Hilda has made a huge contribution to the community of Mundaring and surrounding areas by her unwavering dedication to the no-profit Mundaring Sharing initiative and the Little Possum Centre.

The wealth of experience and knowledge that has been - and continues to be - passed on to the community through Mundaring Sharing is priceless. It simply wouldn't be available at such minimal cost to the individual, if it weren't for people like Hilda. She is an inspiration to everyone she meets.

For the past six years, Hilda has worn the hat of President of Mundaring Sharing in a completely voluntary and full-time capacity. During this time the number of classes, (which cater to all ages, abilities and disabilities) has grown to over 35.

Today, the Mundaring Sharing membership stands at around 175 and Little Possums caters for almost an average of 200 children each week.

All this has been achieved through Hilda's inspiration and encouragement of an extremely motivated, hard-working team of volunteer teachers (35 in all) and nine dedicated committee members and, of course, the Mundaring Sharing members themselves.

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