Mundaring 2026 - Have Your Say

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Residents are invited to a community workshop on Saturday 10 October.

Register online before 5pm Tues 6 October.


Aged under 18 years? A YouthVoice workshop will be held on Monday 2 November. Register online before 5pm Wed 28 October.


Register and be part of the online engagement via the Mundaring 2026 website:





SHIRE of Mundaring residents are invited to have their say on the future of the shire.

As part of Mundaring 2026, there is an open-invite community workshop and YouthVoice workshop.


A series of workshops will also be held throughout October for invited residents.  A statistically-valid number of residents per ward were randomly selected to be sent a direct invite, ensuring broad community representation.


An online engagement tool has also been created for people to take part in regular polls and monitor the progress of the project.


Feedback from residents will help create the Shire’s 2016-2026 Strategic Community Plan (SCP), which outlines the community’s long term vision, values, aspirations, priorities and objectives.


Shire President Helen Dullard said the first SCP was completed in 2013 and was due to be reviewed in 2017.


“The consultation was done at a time when our future was clouded with the uncertainty of Local Government Reform,” Cr Dullard said.


“Now that uncertainty has been removed we want to bring our community together for Mundaring 2026 and ensure we are still working towards their vision for the future of our shire.


“We often hear from residents who believe they have not been informed or had a chance to have a say. Here is a chance to have a voice in what happens within our community. I strongly encourage everyone to be part of that process.”


Cr Dullard said projects which eventuated following the 2013 consultation were testament to the community’s participation and the Shire’s promise to listen.


As a result of the feedback:

·       a community ownership model of Chidlow Hall was proposed in response to concerns about a recommendation to potentially dispose of the hall. After working with the Shire to find a possible solution, the Chidlow Progress Association took control of Chidlow Hall in October 2014.


·       the Mundaring Indoor Recreation Facility was listed as a priority. As a result, a committee was formed to work with the Shire to investigate what would be required to meet the community’s need. The project has progressed significantly, with a tender recently awarded to begin works on the $10.1million four-court indoor hardcourt facility later this year.


·       bush fire and emergency management continued to be a priority. In 2014 two Fire Hazard Inspection Officers were employed and have conducted hundreds of free home visits at the request of residents.


Community members who would like to be part of Mundaring 2026 can register online at


A community workshop will be held on Saturday 10 October (register online before 5pm Tuesday 6 October). Residents aged 12 to 17 years are invited to a YouthVoice workshop on Monday 2 November (register online before 5pm Wednesday 28 October).


Residents without internet access are welcome to attend the Shire’s libraries for access to the website.


Once consultation is completed, a draft SCP will be developed and available for public comment. The final document is expected to be presented to Council in March 2016.

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