NAIDOC Week at Shire of Mundaring Libraries

Aboriginal story teller Rebecca (Beccy) Garlett enthralled children at Mundaring Shire Libraries during two special NAIDOC Week school holiday events.

Beccy greeted 28 children on Wednesday, 5 July, at the Boya Community Centre and guided them through a fun action packed workshop which included songs, poems, games and stories inspired by Noongar culture.

She explained Nyitting Time meant The Cold Time in Noongar Dreamtime and likened it to 'Australia's Ice Age'.

The story about why we don't have crocodiles (yondook) in the south of Western Australia anymore intrigued the audience as she introduced them to the mamman (whale) and kwila (shark) and the role these animals had played in banishing the crocodile to the north of the State.

Beccy, who is also a language teacher, said storytelling was a great way to bring the Aboriginal languages back into use and said the children's imagination was captured when they were introduced to the language through interactive play.

A second event was held at Mundaring Library on Thursday 6 July.‚Äč

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