Nets and shade improves aquatic centre

MT Helena Aquatic Centre has received a welcome boost with enclosed nets and shade recently installed.

Shire President David Lavell said the netting system was investigated last year after years of dealing with ducks invading the pool.

"Unfortunately the local ducks love Mt Helena Aquatic Centre as much as the humans, so duck numbers have been increasing each year," he said.

"This makes it harder to maintain the excellent water quality required for a public swimming pool.  Staff trialled numerous ways to minimise duck numbers over the years, with limited success.

"The netting is fully enclosed and ensures so no ducks or birds can enter."

The project cost $60,000, with the Department of Education contributing half of the funds. Council approved funding for the project in August last year.

"While the 2015/16 season is drawing to a close and users may not be able to fully benefit from the additions until next season, this will save thousands of dollars during the winter," Cr Lavell said.

"The nets will help reduce cleaning costs, water use and staff hours as the mess the ducks make will no longer need to be continuously removed.

"The aquatic centre manager Peter Duff is retiring soon after more than 20 years in the role so it is fantastic he will be to be able to enjoy the last few weeks of the season without the ducks getting in his way."

Mt Helena and Bilgoman aquatic centres close for the season on Friday 8 April. Please refer to the Shire website for opening times.


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