New Dog Laws in Shire of Mundaring


DOG owners in Shire of Mundaring could face hefty fines if they fail to follow new dog laws introduced recently.

Under the new laws, owners will be required to provide adequate 'escape-proof' fencing at their property. There are also restrictions on the number of dogs people can keep.

The Dogs Local Law 2017, recently approved by Council, will strengthen the existing law in accordance with the Dog Act 1976 and the Local Government Act 1995.

Shire President John Daw said Council welcomed the new laws. "Unfortunately our Shire has one of the highest number of incidents of reported dog attacks," he said. "The new laws incorporate several strategies which we hope will reduce the number of dogs found wandering and also the amount of attacks."

Dogs found wandering had also escalated this year, with an increasing number of photographs of lost dogs appearing on the pages of social media sites.

Significantly, the new local dog laws include an increased fine from $50 to $200 for people who do not clean up after their dog in public places. It's the first time the fine has increased in 13 years.

"We believe that children should not have to play sport among dog droppings," he said. "Similarly, families picnicking in some of our local reserves and parks should be able to do so without having to contend with mess left by other people's dogs. The Shire provides plastic bags specifically for this purpose."

The new local dog laws also states that only two dogs may be kept on each premises. (This law is not retrospective) Residents may apply to the Shire for an exemption should they intend to home an additional dog and rangers will complete an assessment of the property.

Copies of the new Dog Local Law 2017 can be viewed on the Shire's website by clicking here or by visiting and going to Public Notices.  It is also available for viewing at libraries and the front counter at the Administration Building.

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