New locations added to dog exercise proposal

​SHIRE of Mundaring will consider other locations in its proposal for designated dog exercise areas following an ordinary council meeting on Tuesday, 8 August.  

Councillors agreed to investigate the suitability of other dog exercise areas including sections of the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail (RRHT) and Black Cockatoo Reserve.

The proposal was developed because Council wanted to provide the community with further clarification around where they could and couldn't exercise their dogs.

A dog exercise area is a location where a dog can be exercised "off leash" by someone who is capable of controlling the dog. In addition, that person must also be carrying a leash in case the dog needs to be restrained.

Any public place that is not specified in the proposal as either a Dog Exercise Area or a Prohibited Area would come under the general requirements of the Dog Act 1976 which means dogs must be on a leash. Under the original proposal, the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail was not considered suitable as a Dog Exercise Area and therefore would be an "On–Leash" area as per the provisions of the Dog Act 1976 relating to public places.

Community feedback on the proposal was sought and more than 80 submissions were provided to the Shire of Mundaring.

Some locations were added as a result of the community feedback. They are Mundaring Recreation Ground Oval, Chartwell Park (Swan View) and Shire-owned land adjacent to Morgan John Morgan Reserve.

Proposed prohibited areas include Shire-owned and managed public buildings, Blackboy Hill Memorial, Mundaring and Wooroloo Cemeteries, Lake Leschenaultia and Sculpture Park Children's Playground. Under the current proposal, dogs will not be permitted within the boundary of play equipment areas and on sporting ovals during play and maintenance work.

The item, including a report on the suitability of the other locations, will be presented at a council meeting in September.

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