Outcome of court case

A court case to determine the outcome of alleged breaches of the Dog Act 1976 was dismissed in the Magistrate's Court on Thursday. The Magistrate found the defendants not guilty as he was unable to rule beyond reasonable doubt.

The Shires role is to gather available evidence in line with its obligations in the Dog Act 1976.  Legal advice was sought at the time and the Shire was advised by its solicitors to prosecute the dog's owners, based on the available evidence and seriousness of the attack.

New local dog laws recently introduced by the Shire aim to help reduce the number of dog attacks in the region. It has one of the highest successful prosecution rates (pertaining to dog attacks) in the region. 

Under the new laws, dog owners will also be required to provide adequate 'escape-proof' fencing at their property. There are also restrictions on the number of dogs people can keep.

The Dogs Local Law 2017 will strengthen the existing law in accordance with the Dog Act 1976 and the Local Government Act 1995.

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