Planting for Success with Sue McDougall


Green thumbs keen on planting native seedlings can now grow their gardening knowledge online thanks to the latest educational video from the Shire of Mundaring.

Presented by local landscape architect and radio host Sue McDougall together with Shire of Mundaring environmental officer Tracey Bell, 'Planting for Success' provides budding gardeners with easy-to-follow instructions that will see their seedlings thrive.

Ms McDougall said the video, which features the Shire's Waterwise Garden adjacent to Mundaring Sculpture Park, was a useful community resource. 

"Local government, environmental landcare and friends groups play an important part in a community and they put so much work into regenerating local areas so we can preserve and enjoy their biodiversity," she said.

"The Shire's Waterwise garden is a fantastic example of what can be done in your own back yard and it doesn't matter if you've got a few square metres or hectares to regenerate, there are a few simple principles people can follow."

The demonstration takes viewers through each step of the 'S.W.I.M' principle; a checklist for ensuring conditions are right for planting.

"When it comes to dry area planting, the things we need to do are plant small and make sure the soil is nice and damp," Ms McDougall said.

"Whether you're planting natives in your own garden or replanting a rehabilitation area…there are four elements for success: soil; water; improving; and mulch. It's simple – just remember S.W.I.M."

Environmental officer Tracey Bell said the video was an excellent resource for local friends and catchment groups, and anyone with an interest in revegetating using native plants.

"In the Shire of Mundaring, and wider hills community, we are lucky to have residents and friends groups who are passionate about our environment and dedicated to seeing native species protected and replanted," she said.

"As many of us know, sometimes factors like weather and soil conditions can make growing seedlings challenging. Planting for Success is a fun and simple way to learn the basic Do's and Don'ts of winter planting before getting started, which can make all the difference to your conservation efforts and ensuring seedlings flourish."

Planting for Success is the second environmental video produced by Shire of Mundaring this year, aimed at bringing free, accessible education to residents during COVID-19.

"The Shire usually holds a series of environmental workshops, however, social distancing limits on public gatherings in recent months made us reconsider how we engage with our community moving forward," Ms Bell said.

"With the help of some local environmental heroes like Sue, we are working to continue providing environmental education and inspiration to people in the comfort of their own homes."

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