Pool compliance is essential all year round

Pool and compliant pool fence

POOL owners in the Shire of Mundaring are being reminded to check that their pool fence is compliant after a Parkerville resident was recently fined $1,000 plus court costs for non-compliance.

The resident has been ordered to pay the Shire $8,500 after failing to erect a compliant fence or decommission the swimming pool.

Although the Shire is required to inspect swimming pools and spa enclosures (fences) at least every four years under the Building Regulations 2012, pool owners are expected to ensure that their pool or spa is compliant at all times.

The Shire's Manager Building and Health Steve Trlin said council inspections determine whether pool owners are compliant with all relevant standards.

"These standards aim to protect people who are on their property from the risk of drowning," he said.

"Just because the pool was compliant during the last inspection doesn't mean it will always be compliant as regular maintenance is required.

"Metal rusts, plants grow and animals and erosion can affect the stableness and height of the soil under the fence line."

Residents should also be aware that their pool or spa must be compliant before the Pool Inspector arrives for an inspection.

Consider this checklist before your next pool or spa inspection:

  • Check if the pool fence panels are all attached securely to their poles and to the ground

  • Repair any rust, particularly within the fence frames

  • Check if there are any gaps that exceed 100mm between the bottom of the fence and the ground

  • Ensure there is nothing within a 1200mm arc from the top rail outside the fence

  • Ensure there is nothing within a 300mm on the inside of the fence

  • Check that all climbable objects are away from the fence line

  • Check if there are any gaps vertical gaps which exceed 100mm

  • Have the trees and bushes near the pool been pruned?

  • Make sure the gate is not propped open when the Pool Inspector arrives

  • Ensure all window/door access to the pool is compliant (if applicable)

For more information, please contact the Shire's Pool Inspector on 9290 6658.

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