Reflections Café moves toward sustainability

Following on from the elimination of plastic straws last year, Lake Leschenaultia's Reflections Café continues to strive towards sustainability.

The recent decision to switch to compostable consumables by Café Co-ordinator Leonie Ettridge demonstrates a move toward a circular economy where the typical cycle of make, use, dispose is replaced with the environmentally friendly alternative make, use and return safely to nature

The newly acquired compostable products, made from bioplastics or sugarcane, have been sourced from a local supplier and are comparable in cost to products already being used at the Café.

This week saw the phasing in of compostable cold drink cups and chip boxes with coffee cups and serviettes next on the agenda as stocks of existing products are exhausted.

To ensure that the environmental benefit of the compostable packaging is maximized, and to prevent items being used as landfill, Café customers will be encouraged to dispose of their used items in an onsite collection bin.

Collected weekly, bin contents will be sent to a commercial facility to be composted with the resultant product certified for organic farming.

Shire President John Daw said "it's fantastic to see these changes reflecting the decision by council to adopt an Environmental Sustainability Policy in 2018".

"By implementing sustainable actions, Reflections Café is setting a great example to the community".

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