Reminder issued to check burning rules

RESIDENTS are being urged to take extra care when it comes to conducting burn-offs on their property.

The reminder follows a recent spate of smoke complaints made to Shire of Mundaring now the open burning season is in place.

Senior Environmental Health Officer Martin Shurlock said many of the complaints related to people burning garden material.

Mr Shurlock said while some residents choose to burn garden refuse as it is a convenient way to remove dead plant material, he urged them to be mindful of several factors that could potentially create excessive smoke.

"There's a range of tips available on the Shire's website to help ensure the most effective burn with minimal smoke," he said.

The tips relate to the following areas:

  • Best weather conditions in which to conduct a burn
  • Most suitable technique based on property size
  • Smoke management (how to minimise the amount of smoke)
  • Notifying neighbours
  • Burning green plant material

Mr Shurlock said there were many alternatives available for the disposal of garden refuse. "There are a range of options to burning green waste," he said. "Grass can be slashed, grazed or sprayed with herbicide to reduce fuel loads."

Shire residents are also able to dispose of green waste and garden refuse free of charge at local transfer stations.

"Garden refuse can also be used as a mulch or compost to improve soils and the growth of plants," Mr Shurlock said.

For more information including your obligations under the Bushfires Act 1954 to conduct a safe burn, refer to the Shire website or your Fire and Burning Information Booklet. Call the Shire's Fire Management Services on 9290 6696 for information about fire hazard matters.

Queries about smoke nuisances should be directed to the Shire's Health Services on 9290 6742. (Officers can undertake action for established breaches of the Shire's Health Local Laws, including on-the-spot fines).

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