Reminder to residents to maintain firebreaks

SHIRE of Mundaring has issued a reminder to residents to maintain firebreaks on their properties to help keep the community safe from bushfires.

It follows the recent prosecution of a local resident and his partner who, under the Bush Fires Act 1954, failed to address firebreak, fuel load and building/asset protection zone issues at their property.

In late 2017, the residents were issued with a notice requesting they undertake work to ensure the firebreaks, fuel loads and building/asset protection zone were adequate.

Unfortunately this did not occur and an infringement notice was subsequently issued by the shire. The people concerned elected to have the matter heard in court and a Directions Hearing was held in June 2018, in which a not guilty plea was entered.

The case went to trial earlier this year and they were convicted. The court imposed a financial penalty and costs of approximately $10,000 were awarded to the shire.

Fire protection measures throughout the Shire of Mundaring must be maintained by 1 November each year until 31 March the following year.

The maintenances of firebreaks can be critical in an emergency situation as firefighting personnel may need to use the firebreaks to access fires.

They also need to be able to get their equipment to the affected area. Residents are also required to also clear any flammable material or obstructions (such as overhanging branches of trees) which may impede the travel of firefighters.

To prevent infringement and to play your part in keeping the community safe, please refer to the shire's Firebreak and Fuel Load Notice.

Alternatively, please direct any queries to the shire's Emergency Management Team during office hours on 9290 6696.

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