Residents reminded to follow burning restrictions

​SHIRE of Mundaring residents are being urged to comply with burning regulations after community infrastructure was damaged in a burn-off conducted outside of the required conditions last week.

A local Mundaring resident was fined $250 by the Shire for the incident which involved the burning of a 4sqm pile of refuse in a verge-side gully outside the resident's property.

The Restricted Burning Period, which has been in effect since 1 April, specifies that residents are allowed to burn a 1sqm pile of garden refuse on their property after 6pm without a permit provided the burn is extinguished by midnight.

Shire President David Lavell said the incident highlighted the importance of complying with burning regulations.

"Any burning that residents would like to conduct on a verge rather than their property requires permission from the Shire," he said.

"A Shire Officer will inspect the area and determine whether or not it is appropriate to issue a permit for that site.

"In this instance, the resident's failure to secure the proper permissions needed for a verge-side burn in addition to burning an oversized pile not only incurred an infringement from the Shire but caused serious damage to underground communication cables for that street and surrounding streets.

"It is critical to the safety of yourself and others that you check the requirements of each burning period and secure the appropriate permit from your local brigade before conducting a burn," Cr Lavell said.

It is understood the resident will be billed for the damages by the affected communications provider.

For information on burning periods and brigade details, visit the Shire website to download the Shire's Fire and Burning Information 2016/17 Booklet. Residents can also register online for the Shire's free winter burning workshops in April and May by visiting the Shire website or calling 9290 6696.

Please be advised that burning restrictions are subject to change depending on weather conditions. Should burning restrictions change, the community will be notified via the Shire website and information hotline 9290 6644.

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