Restricted Burning Period effective 1 April

The Restricted Burning Period in the Shire of Mundaring has been extended until midnight 14 June 2018 (inclusive). 
 A notice has been published in the local newspapers and displayed on the Shire's website. All local Bushfire Brigades have been notified.


Shire of Mundaring's *Restricted Burning Period commences 1 April 2018 and has been extended until midnight 14 June 2018 (inclusive).

During this period a 1sqm pile of garden refuse may be burnt without a permit after 6pm. Residents must obtain a permit to burn before 6pm and follow permit conditions.  

Permits can be obtained from your local volunteer bushfire brigade. Refer to your copy of the Shire's Fire and Burning Information Booklet for brigade contact details and more information.

The Shire advises residents to abide by the following guidelines in preparing for, conducting and extinguishing a burn:

Check list

Before you light up your 1sqm pile

  • Notify your neighbours.
  • Rake a bare earth (mineral earth) firebreak around the pile.
  • Have your garden hose laid out, pressurised and ready for use. Ensure the hose can reach the pile and beyond in case the fire spreads.
  • Check weather conditions. Check winds and temperature.

During the burn

  • Monitor smoke. If smoke is causing a nuisance or traffic hazard, reduce smoke or extinguish.
  • Make sure you contain your fire within your firebreak.
  • Always have a capable person in attendance close to the fire.

After the burn

  • Completely extinguish the fire by saturating it with water so it is cold with no steam and no smoke.
  • Inspect the next morning and continue monitoring for the next couple of days.
  • Leave the garden hose in the vicinity of the fire so if the fire does reignite the hose is ready to extinguish.

For more burning information or bushfire preparedness advice please contact the Shire's Community Safety Team on 9290 6696 or refer to the  Fire and Burning Information booklet and Information Sheets available on the Shire website.

*Please be advised that burning restrictions are subject to change depending on weather conditions. Should burning restrictions change, the community will be notified via the Shire website and information hotline 9290 6644.

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