Room for change at Bilgoman Aquatic Centre

‚ÄčA new family change room at Bilgoman Aquatic Centre will create a more inclusive environment for those with young families and special needs.

Built in the late 1960s, Bilgoman Aquatic Centre has been a popular place for local families and visitors to the shire.

Manager of Recreation and Leisure Services, Kirk Kitchin, said staff and visitors advocated for an all-inclusive change room.

"While it has always been an accessible and inclusive community pool, there was a need for a family-style change room for sensitive situations where abiding by the current policy could be problematic," he said.

Mr Kitchin said under the policy, children seven years and older must use the change room respective to their identified gender.

"We understand this can often be problematic for people who require care, or extra assistance, or have a big family," he said.

Central Ward Councillor, Amy Collins, supported the community's request for the family room before the upgrade.

Staff cleaned a storage shed, created a dividing wall and built a functional and accessible change room.

Mr Kitchin said as there were no toilets or showers to take up room, the change room would be a welcome and useable space for anyone who needs it.

"The change room has non-slip, removable mats and is wheelchair accessible via a ramp," he said.

Handrails are expected to be installed in coming weeks.

Bilgoman Aquatic Centre is set to be refurbished in 2022-23. Works will include upgrades to the kiosk, offices, First Aid room and existing toilets and change rooms.

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