Shire lifeguard receives bravery award

Bilgoman Aquatic Centre Lifeguard Emma Mercuri was recognised at the 2018 Royal Life Saving Society WA Bravery Awards recently.

The award, presented at an official ceremony last week, was given for performing outstanding acts of bravery and taking extraordinary actions to save another person's life.

In July of this year, during a holiday in Bali, Emma was spending a day at Waterbomb Park with friends.

While playing volleyball in the pool Emma noticed a boy wandering around unsupervised. She assumed his family was probably nearby and continued with her game.

Sometime after, one of Emma's friends felt what he thought was a ball under the water but to his horror, he pulled up a little boy who was blue and lifeless.

Emma's friend brought the boy to the side of the pool as the others called for the lifeguards. Emma commenced CPR immediately.  

After a period of time the boy coughed up water and regained consciousness. Emma placed him on his side in the recovery position and waited for the lifeguards to arrive.

The lifeguards attended to the boy and were able to eventually locate his parents and ensure that he was okay.  

For her bravery in saving this young boy's life Emma was awarded with a Gold Medallion Bravery Award from the Royal Life Saving Society of WA.

Shire of Mundaring Co-ordinator Aquatic Facilities, Chris Blankley, commended Emma for her ability to act quickly and remain calm in an emergency situation.

"With the summer season about to commence the incident Emma experienced acts as a timely reminder to parents that adult supervision and vigilance around water is of paramount importance" Mr Blankley said.

In line with the "Watch Around Water" Safety program for children, Mr Blankley issued a reminder to parents. "Children under the age of 5 must have a parent or guardian in the water and within arm's reach at all times whilst at the facility, in or out of the water. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult supervisor and remain within line of sight".

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