Shire shines in regional recycling initiative

Pictured: Shire of Mundaring Receptionist Jenni Griffiths and Shire President Cr David Lavell at the Administration Building's battery and CFL recycling station.

SHIRE of Mundaring was recently awarded a certificate of appreciation by Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) on 21 August 2017 for its continued support of EMRC's Battery and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) Collection Programs.

Over the past 12 months EMRC has prevented more than 15.5 tonnes of batteries and 1.5 tonnes of fluorescent light globes and tubes from entering landfill in the eastern metropolitan region, diverting them to be recycled instead.

From July 2016 to June 2017 the Shire of Mundaring Administration Building contributed to this achievement by collecting an impressive 222.4 kilograms of batteries and 46.5 kilograms of CFLs.

When batteries are placed in landfill their casings disintegrate meaning the metals and chemicals inside can leak into the surrounding environment.

Similarly, CFLs pose a risk if they end up in landfill as many contain small amounts of mercury which can be absorbed into the environment.

Shire of Mundaring Director Infrastructure Services, Shane Purdy, said the EMRC initiatives played an important role in maintaining the area's environmental health.

"It is important for our environment that we ensure these materials don't disintegrate in landfill and let out poisonous metals," he said. "Recycling is the way to go!"

Thanks to the EMRC's collection programs, used dry cell batteries and CFLs can be safely disposed of at a number of locations across the eastern metropolitan region.

In the Shire of Mundaring batteries can be disposed of at the following sites:

  • Albert Facey Memorial Library (also known as Mundaring Library) – Nichol Street, Mundaring
  • Coppin Road Transfer Station – Coppin Road, Mundaring
  • Katharine Susannah Prichard Library (Boya Library) – Scott Street, Boya
  • Mathieson Road Transfer Station – Mathieson Road, Chidlow
  • Mundaring Administration Office – 7000 Great Eastern Highway, Mundaring
  • Wasteless Pantry – Shop 17, Mundaring Shopping Village, Mundaring.

CFLs can be disposed of at the Shire Mundaring Administration Office, 7000 Great Eastern Highway, Mundaring.

For more information about EMRC's collection programs visit


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