Shire urges dog owners to clean up their act

With more than 8000 dogs currently registered in the Shire of Mundaring it is important for dog owners to clean up after their pooches when exercising in public spaces.

Despite the provision of dog poo bags on ovals and reserves it appears that not all dog owners are acting responsibly when it comes to cleaning up after their dog causing inconvenience to other users of public spaces.

Manager Community Safety and Emergency Management Adrian Dyson said it was disappointing residents continue to express concern about the amount of dog excrement in public areas, particularly where children play or attend sporting events.

"While the majority of dog owners are being considerate and doing the right thing when it comes to cleaning up after their dogs, too many are not," Mr Dyson said.

"Failure to clean up after your pet in a public open space is more than an inconvenience, it is also an offence under the Shire of Mundaring's Dogs Local Law. People who fail to pick up after their dogs risk a fine of $200."

Residents are reminded that if they feel that bags and bins are warranted in an area where they are not currently provided they are able to contact the Shire Waste Services Team to identify the location for consideration.

Dog owners must remember however that it is their responsibility to remove their dog's droppings from a public place regardless of whether or not doggy bags are provided at the place concerned.

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