Shire's Youth Service Delivery

A Special Meeting held at Council Chambers last night saw Council affirm its decision to adopt a youth partnerships funding program for the delivery of youth services in the Shire of Mundaring.

A motion to revoke the decision which was made at the May Ordinary Council Meeting was lost as it did not achieve an absolute majority.

The new program is intended to be youth-driven and community-delivered. It will support young people and community organisations to provide youth programs and activities at a cost of $140,484 to $145,542 per annum.

This budget includes a Youth Grants fund of $35,000 per annum. The grants are intended for programs and initiatives that will address issues, opportunities and challenges facing young people today. The initiatives will focus on partnerships, youth connection, skills development and peer support.

A Youth Development Officer will be employed by the Shire to coordinate partnerships, manage the youth grants program and engage with young people via a youth advisory group.

Shire President Cr Daw said the Shire has almost 5,000 youth who will benefit from the new partnerships funding program. 

“We expect to have the guidelines and supports in place within six to nine months. This new model depends on young people and community groups accepting responsibility to be part of the program. It is an opportunity for all of us to make our community stronger over the long term because the program will be community-driven.”

“Council has chosen a truly sustainable approach for provision of youth services. Every partnership will add value to each dollar spent.

“The youth advisory group will challenge all young people to speak out, step up and collaborate to create their own services and projects. The Shire and its community organisations will support our young people to become more connected to their peers and the wider community and to take charge of their future."

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