Signs of success for Shire conservation project

​SIX nesting boxes made by high school students from Mundaring Christian College (MCC) have been installed in local bushland as part of a conservation project with Shire of Mundaring.

One of the six boxes was returned o MCC high school, which is situated on more than one-hundred acres of bush and cleared land in Parkerville. Another box was given to Mundaring Primary School.

The four remaining boxes were installed at the Mundaring Arena site to encourage native species back to the area, which was safely cleared in 2016, prior to construction works commencing.

After installing the new boxes, orthinologist Simon Cherriman and Shire of Mundaring supervisor of environment and horticulture David O'Brien checked on the progress of six smaller boxes installed at the Arena site earlier in August this year.

One of the boxes, made by primary school children from MCC with volunteers from Mundaring Men's Shed, had been used this breeding season by a pair of Australian Wood Ducks, who successfully hatched their clutch of eggs. Another box had clear indications of visitation by local possums.

"It's great to see some fauna species have found and used the boxes in these early stages of the project," said Mr Cherriman. "Continued monitoring over the next few years will provide really useful information on their long-term success."

Mr O'Brien said the nesting boxes were generating positive outcomes not only for local wildlife but for the many school children involved with the project.

"The results we are seeing show that this project has been successful not only in creating habitat for native animals but also educating the younger members of our community about nature and what they can do to care for, and protect wildlife.

"This is something we are looking to continue into the future," added Mr O'Brien.

The boxes will be monitored annually by the Shire's environmental officers, local friends groups and volunteers.

Read more about the project via the Shire website

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