Survey to help residents prepare for emergencies


SHIRE of Mundaring residents are encouraged to complete an online survey to determine their preparedness for an emergency.

Shire President David Lavell said the Shire had recently been successful in securing $50,000 funding from the State Emergency Management Committee's All West Australians Reducing Emergencies (AWARE) Program.

As part of a pilot project which partners with Department of Fire and Emergency Services and Australian Red Cross, the Shire has been able to contract an Emergency Preparedness Officer for 12 months to engage and empower the community.

"The Shire is regarded as a high fire risk area with a history of fire events and we've also had a number of severe storms," Cr Lavell said.

"Your fire risk is increased if your property is close to or uphill from bush and if you have limited access to exit routes. People can also decrease risk by having a Bush Fire Survival Plan, an established Asset Protection Zone and reduced fuel loads around your home.

"Small steps taken through the year can help you be emergency ready."

Cr Lavell said an online survey called the Are You Ready Quiz was designed to see if residents had taken bushfire risks into consideration and were prepared in case of emergency.

"The first task in helping our community be prepared for natural disasters is to determine how prepared they are right now so we have a good indication of preparedness levels," he said.

"This quiz is designed to get residents thinking about how ready they are in the case of a bushfire so they can better manage if one should occur again.

"The survey is online at the Shire's website and can also be completed at Shire Libraries until 15 August. Displays at the libraries will have information about how to prepare your property, write up your Bush Fire Survival Plan and pack your emergency kit, with sample kits on display."

Cr Lavell said it was important that everyone was aware of the need to be emergency ready and how to access the many great resources available.

"If the whole community works together to prepare their properties, collectively the suburb will have a greater chance of coming through a major emergency," he said.

"Preparing your property well also ensures our local volunteer brigades can access your property should they need to defend it.

"While it might still be cold outside now, it is the perfect time to start preparing your property for the upcoming hot weather, as well as writing and practising your survival plans."

The aim of the 12 month pilot project is to raise awareness on the need for people to be prepared, encourage residents to share plans with their local community and engage with service providers and community support groups to assist at risk groups and individuals prepare for an emergency.

The survey is available here - survey​. For more information phone Neridah on 9290 6612.

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