Time to test your bush fire survival plan!

SHIRE of Mundaring is urging all residents to prepare their emergency plans and put them to the test at the end of this month.

The Shire's annual Test Your Bush Fire Survival Plan (TYBFSP) Day event returns in 2019 on Wednesday, 27 November from 6.30pm-7pm.

Shire President John Daw said the online event helped people prepare themselves for the bush fire season.

"Test Your Bush Fire Survival Plan is a 30-minute event run through Facebook," he said.

"Every five minutes during the event participants are presented with a different scenario, which is designed to get you and your family thinking about how you would respond to the situation in real life.

"This is a great opportunity to test in real life if your plan considers everything needed to keep you and your family safe."

Cr Daw said people were encouraged to have a draft plan prepared before the event.

"It's important everyone in your household knows what to do in case of an emergency. It's also important that your property is prepared," he said

"We've previously run this event on a weekend when families are more likely to be at home together however fires don't always just occur on weekends - people need to be prepared for any situation."

People are encouraged to sign up for the event page on the Shire's Facebook page and sit down with your family on the night to participate. Alternatively, the questions will be available to download as a PDF after the event so you can think about the scenarios in your own time.

A number of information sheets are available on the Shire website at www.mundaring.wa.gov.au , or you can call our officers for a free property inspection and tips on reducing fuel loads and maintaining protection zones.

Join our Test Your Bush Fire Survival Plan event by registering here.

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