What's all the buzz about?

​Stay up-to-date with the latest European Wasp information with the new dedicated page on our website.

There you'll find a range of interesting information such as how to identify a European Wasp and what to do if you see one in your area. The webpage also features maps showing locations of destroyed nests and traps in specific areas.

The page has evolved as part of the ongoing partnership between the Shire and DPIRD in helping to raise awareness of European Wasps within the local community. These wasps are a significant pest that, if able to become established, would have a detrimental effect on our way of life, pets, insect biodiversity and agriculture.

The Environmental Health Team has been working closely with the department in a range of different roles including setting up and maintaining additional traps as part of an extended surveillance program.

The Shire has also distributed DPIRD information sheets and posters throughout the region as it believes that increasing community awareness has played a pivotal role in the identification and location of European Wasps.

You can access the new webpage by clicking here or by going to the shire's website www.mundaring.wa.gov.au and clicking the 'Public Health' tile on the homepage

Remember: European wasps are dangerous pests and must be reported. Do not attempt to destroy a European Wasp nest yourself. If you believe you have sighted a European Wasp, contact the Pest and Disease Information Service (PaDIS) on (08) 9368 3080 or padis@dpird.wa.gov.au or load the MyPestGuide app to report sightings.

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