Woody weed removal underway

RESIDENTS in the Shire of Mundaring may notice some clearing on local reserves in coming weeks, as weeds are removed.

Shire President David Lavell said the weed removal had dual benefits.

"Firstly, weeds are often introduced species which threaten our native flora and can reduce habitat for fauna," he said.

"Just as important is the fire risk these weeds pose as they can form heavy thickets which increases the fire hazard."

Cr Lavell said weeds along the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail and other reserves throughout the Shire would be targeted. 

"In some cases the weed removal will be significant and will make a visual impact," he said.

"While some people might comment that the landscape looks barer, the work is being carried out to increase survival of native species and reduce the fire risk for the community.

"In some areas the weed removal will be followed up with a Hazard Reduction Burn, while for others weed removal is the only available practical mitigation option due to proximity to infrastructure."

The weed removal will be carried out by contractors in coming weeks. For more information phone 9290 6696 or visit www.mundaring.wa.gov.au‚Äč

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